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The NorthernLight team designed and created a series of apps for Natuurmonumenten, the Dutch equivalent of the National Trust. The apps are based on Natuurmonumenten’s …

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For the innovation gallery in NEMO Science Centre the NorthernLight team developed a mobile website. The purpose of the website is to show the latest …

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Concept developed by the NorthernLight team for the sport fishing association in the Netherlands (Sportvisserij Nederland). To keep the fish stock numbers accurate it is important …

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For the World Expo in Shanghai and Rurh 2010 in Essen I developed a way to visit a scale model exhibition without buying a flight …

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Redesign of the existing torrent-service Tribler, developed by the department of Computer Science. The main goal was to add human factors to the service. Player …

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The goal of the project was to learn how to design, build and test intelligence in interactive products. The design is based on a fitness …

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