ReMood Bike

April 4, 2009

The goal of the project was to learn how to design, build and test intelligence in interactive products. The design is based on a fitness bike which responds in an adaptive way to the current userĀ“s fitness, motivated by user interface based actions and actual exerted level of physical effort.

Different menus to ReMood

Users of the ReMood bike could choose from 5 different sessions they want to do; Wake Up, Fresh Air, De Stress, Boost and Go To Bed. In every session sound, light and smell are adjusted to the exercise.


The users heartbeat and respiration are measured to monitor their fitness. The outcomes are, among others, shown in a stats menu.

Flash & sensorsĀ 

During this project one of the challenges was to make Flash communicate with external devises like sensors and multiple screens.

ReMood bike – movie

ReMood Bike ReMood Bike ReMood Bike ReMood Bike ReMood Bike